I've tried four different beard care products. Either there were too many steps to using the product, the sheen would not last any longer than a hour, or the price was too expensive.
The First time I used Respected Roots, I saw an immediate improvement to the manageability of my beard! It's much softer and smells great! The sheen even lasts through my workouts.


It's not too thick and oily. It's lightweight and smooth with a great masculine scent. Not to mention the affordable price!

R. Williamson


I have always suffered from dry skin, as well as skin sensitivity. It has always been a struggle finding a body moisturizer that feels great going on, lasts all day and the scent doesn't bother me or interfere with my perfume. 
I have found that in the Respected Roots Body Butter! Not only does my skin love it (no irritation and it's softer), the scent compliments my perfumes and smells amazing itself. 
It is now a staple in my home and a part of my skincare regimen. 
Awesome Products, Respected Roots!

April. L

I began using Respected Roots Beard Butter a few weeks ago, and I've already experienced a softer, more manageable beard. I haven't experienced any itching and irritation since using the butter, and it really smells great.

Respected Roots has definitely replaced my former beard balms, and has earned a new customer!

Calvin Finklea

Love this stuff! My beard is thicker, smells good, and so soft!

M. Thomas